I need to live this art life!

Post by: Kim
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October 10, 2023

‘I need to live this art life!’ was a quote from Kirli Saunders, a speaker on the final panel. It sums up this awesome conference with even more awesome NT participants! This is now a highlight of the year, which never disappoints. The goodie boxes are so exciting and Patricia Piccinini was so lovely to start off the program. Her questioning of what it is to be human is beautiful and I love showing her sculptures to my students, so it was fabulous to hear her talk about her own work this way and HOW she actually creates. I loved the workshops I picked and my big takeaway was be aware of camera angles distorting size, as on day one our clay sculptures were a bit too big. John Goh from Merrylands primary touched my soul in how he valued art in education, and his life changing excursions to the MCA. Highly recommend this fabulous opportunity to others next year. Thank you so much for this AENT 🥰