Zart Conference 2023 The Art of Wellbeing

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October 11, 2023

Zart Conference 2023 The Art of Wellbeing, recap.

I had seen some of Patricia Piccinini’s work before but had never really explored the meanings and messages behind it. My initial reaction to her work was shock and feelings of discomfort but after hearing her explain the works and the connections between animals and humans and the references to motherhood and caring, really gave me a new perspective towards her work. I now see the beauty (and the sadness) of her work. It was also interesting to know that it takes a team of 6 people to create one of her works.

Henry Ward, wow! It was so inspiring listening to Henry Wards teaching practice. I loved hearing about his out of the box ideas/practice and real-world applications. It was also a good reminder to allow students more time to just ‘play’ within art and the value of collaboration. I would love to be a student in Henery Ward’s class!

I found John Goh’s perspective on teaching really interesting as he’s doing the opposite of what we are currently being instructed to do.. It’s always being pushed in territory schools that explicit English and Maths needs to be incorporated in every subject area including art and design however, at Merrylands east they have a big focus on incorporating art into all other subject areas to better teaching and learning. I enjoyed hearing about their collaboration with the MCA.