Zart Conference 2022, Woman in Art

Post by: charlee Shone
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September 19, 2022

Wow!!! What a talented bunch of female and non-binary artist! I am feeling so inspired to be creative!

Speaker 1, Julie Raap. Julie has an impressive and extensive body of work that I wasn’t previously familiar with. I love the way she combines photography/film with other visual art mediums such as charcoal drawings. As well as the way she portrays numerous view points within a photograph, I found that really interesting. I was also pleased to see that she continues to use her nude image in her work despite now having a more mature aged body.

Speaker 2, Cassie Stephans. I had no idea Cassie was Instagram famous. If you are an art teacher definitely check her out for loads of class room tips! I especially liked how Cassie helped us during the session to come up with a one sentence statement that we can display in our class room, that lets our students know why we are there, why we teach. I will be implementing that in my classroom!

Artist Panel, hosted by Tai Snaith. I thoroughly enjoyed discovering and learning about these 6 talented female and non-binary artists. It was interesting to hear about how each artist in their own way is responding to how women have historically been poorly treated in Art. Also, their stories and struggles to get to the point of finally accepting themselves as an artist and that that could be a career choice.

Speaker 4, Cindy M Foley. Cindy has done extensive research around how to foster creativity in our young people. I found it interesting her comment around schools and teachers getting bogged down by content, content, content and the data, standardized testing etc, that we are “teaching” the creativity out of our students. We need to foster WONDER, CURIOSITY and QUESTIONING!    “Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein.

Workshop 1, Sue-Ching Lascelles. Aussie Icons (fabric soft sculpture). See images in Gallery.

Workshop 2, Gemma O’Brien. Paint your Pronouns (mixed media). See images in Gallery.