ZART Conference Reflection

Post by: Anne-Marie Cullinan
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September 23, 2023

Patricia Picinnini, what an inspirational artist! The highlight of the two-day online workshop was the keynote speaker Patricia Piccinini, her passion for illustrating care as the central point of her work and the reasons why were fascinating. I now have a greater understanding of her essential work promoting understanding and nurturing of the world. Followed closely by the keynote speaker Henry Ward, and his validation of giving students freedom and space to create their art, his recognition of the ideas machine (2009) as a process for creating art, Gather, Masticate, Digest, Eureka, and Reveal. He also discussed why building student’s confidence and resilience through the art process is as important as the final result. The principal John Goh’s keynote speech was insightful about how a school can be improved when a principal takes the potential of rich deep learning through art and design seriously, his school’s connection with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney is a stellar example of community collaboration. Their four-day art museum “camps” for students are inspirational! I completed the Keith Burt painting and the Julia Gutman montage workshops. Julia Gutman was delightful in communicating her art process and why her slow process of layering is so appealing to her.