Nurturing Creativity – 2021 ZART Conference Reflection and Images

Post by: Angelina Naidu – Arlparra School
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September 27, 2021

What were your best takeaways from the conference?

Overall I loved the two days! AND I thought it was very well organised, managed and presenters were eloquent and extremely articulate. I loved that speakers were honest, direct and shared so much about their experiences, as well as artwork. There is so much to talk about but as you guys were all there you know :). I was very pleased to hear the reinforcement of the ‘high expectations, high skills for indigenous kids’ from almost every speaker.  At times I found myself gobsmacked at some of the comments from teachers in the chat boxes which is evidence of the need for more indigenous focused professional development for teachers. Thank you AENT for supporting this one! The accompanying downloads I found are a great asset for my future teaching and planning. The breakout sessions I attended were: Duf Leffler and Dominic White. Domonic, Maree and Vernon all made the point of ‘inspired and not copy’ which i think is a simple yet strong phrase for the classroom, –  looking at concepts, intent and history. There was also a re-occurring mention of the need for truth telling. I loved that the presentations were prepared, well informed and authentic! I would like to hear about the Michele Davis session if anyone attended and would be happy to share?

What will you apply in your classroom or teaching practice?

I have certainly set myself some ‘homework’ delving deeper into the research and history addressed by Maree Clarke, Vernon Ah Kee and Dominic White, Kylie, Shelly and the Stronger Smarter Institution. It was Chris Sarra that first motivated me to go remote. On my to do list is to go back and finish the Stronger Smarter modules and become reacquainted with their ethos so that is it more at the forefront of my teaching. For me, these speakers were an overall re-set of where i started as an educator and getting back on that pathway with more learning and to keep bringing more artists and community members into the classrooms. This is often hard for teachers due to several systemic challenges but this was a reminder to keep persisting and also reassuring that I have sought out opportunities in the past despite the challenges.

Favourite quotes mentioned over the two days:

You have to make crap loads of art – Duf Leffler For me, this translates in the classroom to the importance of the Visual Diary and process. (and for myself as a ‘procrastinating artist’)

We can’t live in the past but the past lives in us – Charles Perkins