Weave in Circle with Arnhem Land Weavers

Lyons Community Centre (25 Damabila Dr, Lyons NT 0810)

Learn from Indigenous elders how to use plants for dye as well as to prepare materials for basket weaving, before you relax together and weave a basket under their watchful eyes. - Learn to prepare dyes and fibre - Learn to weave with pandanus fibre -Sharing circle The space will be held gently by René […]


AENT spots available at the CDU Gallery Drawing Session: ‘Contemporary drawing processes for school teachers with Winsome Jobling’

CDU Gallery Charles Darwin University, Building Orange 12.1.02 Casuarina campus, NT, Australia

This workshop offers teachers practical activities that explore media and experimentation designed to engage students and develop their confidence and expand their ideas of observation and drawing. Contemporary drawing practice can be a good starting point to develop students’ creativity, drawing skills and confidence without the pressure of a photographic likeness. Contemporary drawing processes encourage […]


Silverpoint on Gouache with Alison Worsnop

Darwin Visual Arts Association Ground Floor, Harbour View Plaza, 1/8 McMinn Street, Darwin, NT, Australia

A metal stylus – of Silver, Copper or even Lead – was used for drawing by Renaissance masters such as Albrecht Dürer and Raphael before the invention of the graphite pencil. In this workshop we will experiment with different metals on painted grounds to create our own small Renaissance masterpieces and delicate contemporary drawings with […]

Collaborative Planning Day for Visual Arts Teachers

33 Packard Ave, Durack NT 0830 33 Packard Ave, Durack NT 0830, NT, Australia

Come and join Korin Lesh and Lucy Found from The Art Educators of the NT (AENT) to collaboratively plan a Visual Arts Unit/s to use in your classroom. We will connect with experts such as Kyle Neagle from The Art Gallery of South Australia and Robyn Carmody, ACARA Arts Curriculum Specialist. You will also have […]

2022 End of Year Online Booklclub

Online - link to be emailed to participants

AENT, We are finishing the year with an Online Book Club. • Choose your own Visual Arts related pedagogical text related to your teaching practice. • Purchase the book (send attached form and your receipt to AENT by 5th Nov 2022). • Read and respond to your text on the AENT Padlet. (This will include […]


Anastasia Maximona Workshop

Darwin Middle School Darwin, Australia

BOTANICAL ART WORKSHOP Join us for a one-day intensive botanical art workshop with Anastasia Maximova. This is a perfect opportunity to enhance your understanding of Botanical Art and upgrade your watercolour technique. Create a painting of the glorious native snowflake lilies, with glossy bright leaves and delicate feathery like flowers. This could be a wonderful […]


Face It: Portraits 2 Ways with Alison Dowell

Museum and Art Gallery of the NT

Special AENT double workshop on April 2nd ahead of public MAGNT 'Face it' workshops April 16th /May ahead of our Alter Egos AENT members exhibition opening at DVAA ON April 14th Brush Portraits: Stiff brushes given a new lease of life! Bring yours- or share in our large collection. Choose from a wide range of […]


Alter Egos 2023 Members’ Exhibition

Darwin Visual Arts Association Ground Floor, Harbour View Plaza, 1/8 McMinn Street, Darwin, NT, Australia

Join us at Darwin Visual Arts (DVA) for 2023 Members' Exhibition opening night, including live entertainment by our favourite party band, Jigsaw Collective. Opening Night: Friday, 14th April at 6pm, 2021 Ground Floor, Harbour View Plaza 1/8 McMinn Street, Darwin (08) 8981 9351 Showing April 14 – May 6 Gallery Hours: Thursday – Friday 10.00am […]