Collaborative Clay Dry season workshop

Post by: Anne-marie Cullinan
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September 3, 2020

The intensive ceramic workshop was a buzz of activity and artist camaraderie from day one. The students led by Gerald Clapham created a wide variety of hand-built ceramics. The course covered an in-depth introduction to Sager ware and the beauty of Terra Sigillata creation and application. The last day and a half were spent at Gerald’s studio, glazing and preparing pots for Sagger, Raku and electric kiln firing. The Sagger method involved wrapping the pots in two layers of foil with a variety of natural combustible materials such as seaweed and coffee, before placing in the kiln. The Raku ware was taken out of the kiln at a very high temperature and placed in a reduction container. This involved lots of exciting flames, billowing smoke, with safety rules and equipment. A big thankyou to Gerald for sharing his studio space and imparting so generously of his time and considerable ceramic knowledge.