2020 Dry Season Immersion Courses at CDU

Post by: Korin Lesh
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August 13, 2020

Photoshop & Illustrator Course Reflection – for Korin Lesh, Amanda Rains, and Jane Kennedy

The week was certainly intensive for us. Korin Lesh, Amanda Rains, Jane Kennedy and Samantha Galletly all participated in a week jam packed full of the basics to help us get into Photoshop and Illustrator. Both software packages can be used for graphic design and digital art. Illustrator, we learnt, is a vector based editing software that can be applied to manipulate and create simple graphics that need to be printed or displayed at different sizes. We trialled a number of simple step-by step processes for editing and creating printable graphics. In the sessions related to Photoshop, we learnt how to modify already captured photos right down to individual pixels. We learnt different ways to apply filters, special effects and photo refining tools. Over the course it became apparent that it is so useful to know both programs as they can often be used together. In Photoshop its best not to add any text to an image because it can distort, while it is far easier to transfer edited images into Illustrator and add or manipulate into text there. After this week intensive we are far more familiar with the programs and feel we better understand which software will assist in possible Art projects in the future – although we are keen for more training! The week intensive – although huge- just scrapped the tip of the iceberg of the capabilities of both software packages.